Philadelphia March for Humanity

On Saturday, Philadelphians marched around the Center City district in protest of President Trump’s executive ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries.

The event? The Philadelphia March for Humanity. 

The crowd looping around Chestnut St.

Over 3,000 people attended the march. Those of all ages carried signs and chanted while walking the streets of Philadelphia to demand #SanctuaryEverywhere, the concept that everyday people can come together and keep marginalized groups safe.

“We just want our child to grow up in a world where hatred is not the norm,” said George Irving, 33.

While walking around the area the march had already circled around, several people were both leaving the march and trying to find it.

“The ban is unethical and inhumane. It’s what America is built on. To ban people for having a small group of radicals and not pay attention to radical white men in the past decade is fearmongering,” Frank Austin Abbott, 23, said.

Abbott showing off his sign

The event was originally organized by college freshman Thomas Davidenko, but was later taken on by the American Friends Service Committee.

“I go to school nearby. It’s really cool that  a college freshman organized this. A lot of us are really concerned and trying to spread awareness about how this ban and other things Trump is doing aren’t acceptable,” Rachel Barton, 19, said.

The crowd congregated at the plaza from 1:00-2:00 p.m. to listen to speakers explain why Trump’s ban is unconstitutional and why Philadelphia cannot idly stand by and let injustices continue to occur.

“Shout it loud, shout it clear, immigrants ARE WELCOME HERE!” chanted the protesters as they swarmed the historic city’s streets.





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